Alice Kearney
Art Direction - Graphic Design - Illustration

Future Millennials


I was asked by Belfast Design Week to create a response piece to there 2018 theme, ‘The Future’. So, I thought of my own future as a Millennial. What impact will Millennials have on the future of Northern Ireland? How will it differ from previous generations and what repercussions will their decisions have?

This collection of work is a tongue and cheek response to our world of newsfeeds filled with motivational quotes and filtered images that kill our soul with every scroll.

With the increased use of antidepressants; the idea that we will all be living underwater because of global warming; the cloak-and-dagger power of the Internet to form social isolation and the big brand backlashes. It is no wonder young people are seeking quick fixes in real life with a bottle or a pill. 

However, the future might not be all that bad? Our ideas of sexuality and identity being a one size fits all idea are being smashed and the reins of the church in everyday Northern Irish life and politics are disappearing. The world of social media also has the dual power to equally create positive social change.

Prints are available for purchase here.